Picture of Teresa Labriola
Teresa Labriola

I work with strategic development, specialising in private philanthropy with a strong focus on impact donations, early-stage project management and the dissemination of the CSR framework.

I am an experienced facilitator and I have worked with entrepreneurs, students, municipalities and NGO's, to help them see their great ideas become reality.

I am passionate about helping Impact Startups by mentoring key members of staff. And by applying my ability to create meaningful and productive relationships, I help build bridges across age groups, backgrounds, cultures and business sectors – creating positive, impactful, sustainable change and social accountability.

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work with a few leading companies within the Social Responsibility agenda – some of which include

Let's Build Foundation where I helped initiate the foundation of Let’s Build Malawi and their local network. I also developed strategic partnerships with the Malawi Government to accelerate their plans to build and renovate quality public schools for children and youth.

Zibra, where I have helped improve the innovation skills of children and young adults through formal and informal education initiatives. And I’m proud to have taken part in Zibra A/S being a first-mover and an Angel sponsor of Coding Class 2016 and Go Zebra 2018.

21STEAM where I’ve helped broaden the scope of the network, developing go-to-market concepts, and just recently facilitated a shift to a partnership-based model to integrate 21STEAM into existing platforms to increase reach.

Lastly, I am a proud part-owner of NGUVU Coffee, where I am responsible for business development on both sides of the supply chain. We at NGUVU aim to help empower female coffee farmers to invest in business development and farm expansions, whilst also providing organic farming and business training to them.

I am currently attending Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda to obtain my Peace and Conflict Management Diploma as a International Peace Fellow with Rotary International, focusing on education as a preventive method of peacebuilding and peacekeeping.